Organ donor

Donating my organs have always been my life goal. My father passed away 21 years ago waiting for a match liver donor. A relatively “simple” and “safe” procedure for organ donor, but at that time the idea of becoming a donor probably was terrifying even for those who loved him.

I have always thought that I would donate my organs for free, altruistically, to the people who need them. I have even decided to give up my body for health and scientific purpose when I’m dead. But at the moment I have to make a difficult decision to choose another path.

My mother is currently in the middle of financial crisis and we are so close to lose our home. I couldn’t bear the fact that we will lose the house that my mother has worked very hard her whole live to afford.

So, here I am. Ready to donate one of my kidney and/or part of my liver and pancreas for compensation. I am truly sorry that I have to do this. But I find that this is the way for me to get a sum of money that my family need and in the same time have the opportunity to help someone in health crisis. If I have some money left, I will use it to increase my business, to make sure we won’t fall to another financial crisis.

I am an under 30 years old woman from Indonesia. My blood type is O+. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol. I have never had any serious illness and never undergone any surgery at all. I also have never given birth.

I am willing to travel to another city or country if necessary. I am also willing to proceed with any test or consultation needed. (Future) Recipients cover all the travel and medical expense before and during donor-transplant surgery. Surgery will only be done in a reputable hospital with professional organ transplant team and with immediate donor-transplant technique.

I will inquire some information before we proceed further. You may also ask me anything you need to know, but I would appreciate it much if you do not ask about my personal life unrelated to health issue which can effect the donor-transplant process. The amount of compensation will be discussed during our inquiry process and is negotiable.

Please contact me via email only at: